Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Random observations on Norway:

1.  Everything in the grocery store is smaller than what you would find in the states.  There are no tubs of margarine, gallons of milk, or big jars of mayonnaise.  Milk comes in 1/2 liter cartons, soda comes in 1 liter bottles, and the mayo can only be found in the little picnic size containers.  Apparently everything IS bigger in the states, sorry Texas.  I think I prefer it the Norwegian way you really need a huge tub of margarine?  Or a big vat of mayonnaise?  

2.  Carpets in homes are nonexistent.  It's all about tile or hardwood flooring.  I'm a big fan of this, mostly because I HATE vacuuming.  Vacuums are heavy, evil, and frankly, I don't trust them.

3.  Good luck finding anything (aside from a few restaurants) open on Sundays.

4.  They can curse on tv - no bleeps!  Granted, there aren't that many shows that even have curse words, but still.  

5.  There are restrictions on how many commercial breaks a regular program can have.  For your average 30 minute show, there will be one commercial break in the middle, and it will last approximately 30-45 seconds. I'm LOVING this.  Dad - you wouldn't even have time to mute the commercials!  By the time you locate the remote, wrestle it from Tara's death grip, and find the mute button, the show is back on! 

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  1. ahahaha 1. This is why America is OBESE
    2. All carpets should be burned, they're a hotbed for allergens and mold. And yes, I agree that vacuums are EVIL.
    3. Sunday is the Lord's day, duh! haha
    4. Can you imagine reality shows?!
    5. your dad cracks me up!


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