Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'm back, folks...I had an AMAZING weekend in London!  I highly recommend London to anyone who wants to travel to Europe...I can't wait to go back in May to visit the one and only Jill!  Take a peek at the pics...

At the foot of the Tower Bridge, near Sian's flat.

Double decker sight seeing bus!

Piccadilly Circus

Buckingham Palace's front gate

A lion and a unicorn?

The London Eye
(Jill - I didn't get to go on it this time around...maybe in May?)

Westminster Abbey - absolutely gorgeous.  One of my favorite sites.

Big Ben and biggie!

I love this view.

For all you closet Harry Potter fans :)

Dad - this is for you...
"Waterloo Station, South Entrance, 10 minutes"

Inside Waterloo Station.

Wellington Arch.  The sculpture on top depicts the angel of peace descending on the chariot of war.  (Definitely one of my favorites.) 

Stopped by the British Museum.  It was almost closing time so I didn't get to see many exhibits.  :(

But I did spot the Rosetta Stone!

Spent a lot of time walking around, just taking in the scenery.  Check out the architecture!  I could walk around in London for days.

and last but not least...

A huge thank you to the one and only Sian!  I had an absolutely wonderful time!!!

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  1. Looking good in London! What was the rate like? 2 years ago, it was nearly 2:1 pound to dollars!


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