Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moseying along

Today we bundled up and took a nice walk around the town.  We made a huge loop (in the 35 degree weather, I'd like to add) from their front door through their neighborhood, to the harbor, downtown area, and their main shopping center.  Although it was cold, it was very sunny and it almost felt like San Diego.  Almost :).  I loved the small town vibe I got from just walking around - everyone that crossed our path smiled and was very polite...I could get used to this.  I will admit that at the end of our 2 hour walk, I couldn't feel the tip of my nose nor my bottom lip.  

Smalavegen 35

The view from my room (my fave part)

Houses on Akrehamn harbor

The Vilhelmsen family


  1. Awesome view britt! Any hot neighbors?;) jk!

  2. I love your blog BLTeezy!!! The view from your window is absoultely amazing and your family is so adorable! From Vic - for some reason i couldn't just write my name.


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