Saturday, January 24, 2009

Akrehamn, Norwizzle

Goo dag!

After waaay too many hours of flying I made it to my final destination - Smalavegen 35  (pictures are on their way).  Note to self: If you have a connection in Oslo and have checked baggage, you have to pick up your baggage and recheck it on your next flight.  I almost missed that memo.

Kurt and Ole Martin (below) picked me up from the airport in Haugesund last night around 9pm.  It was so cute - Ole Martin was holding up a sign that he made (and they spelled my name right, Paul).  

Kurt and Anne are very nice and accommodating, Ole Martin loves his video games, and Andreas and Daniel are bundles of energy.  They're sleeping right now, so I'll post pictures later.  I spent a today sharing pictures, unpacking, and getting to know the family.  I was really surprised at how well Ole Martin speaks English - he's only 10!  

My room is great - I have a terrific view of the field behind the house as well as the mountains to the East.  Kurt said that during the summer there are sheep that graze the field behind their house...I really hope I catch a picture of that one because I find it fascinating and pretty hilarious.  Who would have thought?

Stay tuned...


  1. YAY Brittanni! It sounds like Ole Martin speaks better English than our slow friend, Joel Martin

  2. Hey, How is the weather? How is the family? I want to see some sheep...



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