Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catching up...

God dag & Happy 4th of July!!  Here's an update as to what's been happening since we got back from Tunisia...

During the summer solstice, there is a huge bonfire by the beach...I believe the sun went down at 11:07pm that day! (And rose at 4am, haha!)

There she goes.  Check out how light it is outside...this bonfire took place at 8pm!

A big day for Andreas - he managed to climb up and slide down all by himself!

He's pretty proud...

Enjoying the hot Norwegian sun.

BUT the water was effing freezing.  

My new favorite way of eating hot dogs - potato tortilla, crispy onions, and LOTS of ketchup.

Daniel loves his potato salad.

Found a cool spot up in the hills behind the house.  You can see all of Akra and all the way to the North Sea...gorge.

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