Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn has arrived (and with it, something else entirely...)

Hello all! Fall is officially here, and I'm LOVING it! SD, I do miss your sunshine and warm October days, but nothing can beat a true blue autumn. (Although - I hear of a major "storm" in CA? I use the quotations, because honestly CA, you don't know the first thing about storms.) Below are some snapshots of what I encountered today on the lovely streets of Norway.

Maybe it's because I'm a SoCal girl, and I don't see it too often, but I can't get over the changing of the leaves! So gorgeous!

Why yes, that is a cat in the middle of the road, oblivious of the field mouse directly in it's line of sight. Sorry cat lovers, but the only good reason I'll accept for having a cat is that it's an excellent rodent snatcher. This little guy does nothing for your cause.

Oh, and yes, that IS the head and upper body of a rather large stuffed deer chillin in the passenger seat of a Mercedes SUV. (Click the pic to enlarge.) I thought I had seen it all (well, maybe not ALL - but a lot)...apparently the universe had to put me in check.

Mr. Charming & my partner in crime :)

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