Monday, May 25, 2009

London, Round 2!

Hey all!  Just got back from visiting Jill and her mom in London!  (You guys rock!!) I love visiting places with Jill because she always finds the best things to do/see...well, her and Rick Steves.  :)  Enjoy!

Waiting in line for the London Eye.

Our neighbor pod.


You could see all of London from the top of the was incredible.

Poor Mrs. Roaquin was afraid of heights and opted to wait for us safely on the ground. :)

My fave, Big Benny boy.

We had to have a little fun...

And apparently, so did this guy.

Westminister Abbey...gorge.

We found us some bobbies!

Friday Night Shenanigans at Shunt.

Prince Harry?

Churchill Museum w/Jill - Dad, you would have loved it.  It was the underground bunker where he and his chiefs of staff ran Britain's WWII operations.

We saw first musical! :)

Mind the gap.

Platform 9 and 3/ Kings Cross Station! 

Yes, we had to check this place out.  We are nerds.

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