Sunday, March 15, 2009

Around Karmøy

Today was one of those days where it really sank in - I'm in Norway, it's an absolutely beautiful country, and I'm so lucky to be here.  This morning it was a typical cloudy day, but it wasn't foggy or windy - perfect for my morning walk to the beach.  Afterwards we piled into the car and went for a drive around the island.  (It was a short drive...we were back to where we started after an hour). The scenery here is gorgeous and full of history - I feel like these pictures don't do Karmøy justice, but I'll do my best.  

This is Burmavegen, the road we took to go from the west side of Karmøy to the east.  It was built by Russian POW's during the German occupation of Norway in WWII.   

Can you see the snow covered mountains in the distance?

During our short hike, Ole Martin found two lonely flowers (blomster) amongst the rocks.

The cliffs at Skude, overlooking the North Sea.

An abandoned bunker where cannons were positioned during WWII.

I slipped during our short hike to the cliffs (of course).

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